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Protect Shareholders Interests

We have Shareholders agreements which are suitable for new and existing businesses.

All of our Shareholders contracts are professionally drawn by a solicitor - we never compromise on quality.
Our Shareholders agreements come with explanatory notes and an example - making the agreement even simpler to complete.

So if you are trying to save money on legal fees and want a legally binding contract you're on the right website.

Shareholder Documents

Shareholders Agreement - New Company + Free Share Certificate
Shareholders Agreement - Existing Company + Free Share Certificate
Shareholders Agreement - Short Version + Free Share Certificate

Which Shareholders Agreement?

New Company - Choose this specifically drafted agreement if you are a new company and wish to formalise and record the terms and conditions of their relationship with one another as Shareholders in the Company.

Existing Company - This Agreement has been specifically drafted for existing companies where, either new Shareholders are joining the Company, or the existing Shareholders wish to change the terms and conditions of their relationship with one another as Shareholders in the Company.

Small Businesses - The Agreement is in short form and therefore better suited to smaller companies and, in particular, where the Shareholders are family members.

All of our Shareholders agreements are available to to be downloaded instantly.

Partnership Agreement in word format and PDF format

The documents on Shareholers Agreement are available for instant download in a Microsoft WordTM or Adobe Acrobat PDF formats.

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Shareholders Agreement

Buy solicitor drawn shareholder agreements, written in plain English with explanatory notes.

New Company.........................£34.99
Existing Company..................£34.99

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Solicitor drafted
Written in plain English
Explanatory notes
Customisable contracts
Instant download
No registration required
Save money
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Secure online payments
Buy your shareholder areement online using Paypal
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Shareholder Documents
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