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Shareholders Pack

Shareholders Pack
Through popular demand we created a pack which would cater for new businesses who intend to take on shareholders at a later date as per the business plan.

The Shareholders Pack contains the following:

1. Shareholders Agreement for New Businesses
2. Shareholders Agreement for Existing Businesses
3. Share Certificate

Partnership agreement features:
Any type of business Any number of Shareholders
Explanatory notes Written in plain English
Comprehensive agreement Drawn by an experienced solicitor

1. New Businesses
This Agreement has been specifically drafted for new companies that have been created whereby the Shareholders wish to formalise and record the terms and conditions of their relationship with one another as Shareholders in the Company.

2. Existing Businesses
This Shareholder agreement is specifically drafted for existing companies where, either new Shareholders are joining the Company, or the existing Shareholders wish to change the terms and conditions of their relationship with one another as Shareholders in the Company.

3. Share Certificate
A share certificate to be issued to all Shareholders

Agreement Contents
1. Parties
2. Definitions
3. Interpretation
4. Preamble
5. Shareholding
6. Main Object of the Company
7. Directors and Management of the Company
8. Restrictive Covenants
9. The Shareholders' Voting Rights and Meetings
10. Matters Requiring the Consent of a Special Majority
11. Funding
12. Dividend Policy
13. Borrowing and Guarantees
14. Financial Matters
15. Transfer of Shares
16. Obligatory Transfer Events
17. Completion of Share Purchase
18. Fair Value
19. Issue of Further Shares
20. Drag Along
21. Tag Along
22. Confidentiality
23. No Partnership
24. Notices
25. Serious Deadlocks: Resolution of Disputes
26. Termination
27. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
28. Utmost Good Faith
29. Severance
30. Variation and Waiver
31. Assignment
32. Costs
33. Conflict with Memorandum and Articles
34. Entire Agreement
35. Third Party Rights
36. Counterparts

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Shareholders Pack in word format


This Shareholders Pack document is available for instant download in a Microsoft WordTM format that is editable.

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Shareholders Agreement

Buy solicitor drawn shareholder agreements, written in plain English with explanatory notes.

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Solicitor drafted
Written in plain English
Explanatory notes
Customisable contracts
Instant download
No registration required
Save money
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